Project Management - Large Public Sector Client

The Client

A National Non-Departmental Public Body working within the Children & Family Courts, which provides independent representation for children who are involved in proceedings

Understanding the Challenge

Under the Government's Every Child Matters Programme, the client became a National Implementation Partner in a country-wide project to introduce an online directory of professionals working with individual children.

The client was required to follow a Prince 2 project management methodology in order to prepare their IT systems, business processes and practitioner staff for deployment, under the supervision of the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF).

How we helped

Full Project Management role, including:

·         Liaison with internal and external stakeholders (including DCSF, other National Partner organisations, technical suppliers and other consultants) to ensure shared strategic objectives and appropriate input from all parties

·         Setting up the Project Team and Project Board; producing the Project Initiation Document and Project Plan, Training Strategy, Workforce Analysis and Communications Plan; building and managing the budget.

·         Keeping on top of progress through a monthly reporting system which captured achievements, planned tasks, challenges and risks (including proposals for mitigation)

·         Overseeing development of the technical specification by (sub-contracted specialists) for upgrading the client's case management system and successfully bidding for external funding to cover this cost. Presenting at workshops and briefings for managers and practitioner staff to inform staff about the project, generate engagement and answer questions.

The Gain

After joining the project 12 months after most other National Partners, within 4 months the client was fully up to date with planning, resourcing and strategy.  At this point they were rated with the second highest 'readiness' score against other National Partners and local authorities in the same deployment slot.


This was achieved through some members of staff giving a proportion of their time to the project for specific tasks, whilst leaving all of the planning, co-ordination and liaison with their external interim - thus enabling the client to progress the project within Government set timescales and budgets without disrupting their day to day operations.