Project Management (covering permanent vacancy) - Local Authority

The Client

A small London Local Authority

Understanding the Challenge

The client was on track as a participant in a national project, but was without a permanent Project Manager at a critical stage leading up to deployment.

How we helped


·         Kept the project on track in order that the client was ready to be accredited and have their staff trained at the scheduled time

·         Managed the identification and protection of vulnerable child records prior to system becoming available to initial users

·         Upgraded business processes and policies to ensure that the client qualified for accreditation by DCSF before being permitted to deploy

·         Managed internal and external communications at a time of high media profile, ensuring that the client was fully informed about the status of the project and able to respond to sensitive enquiries confidently and accurately

The Gain

The client was able to recruit a permanent Project Manager without feeling pressured to 'fill the gap'. The project has been kept on track and progressed to the final stage through some highly difficult and sensitive times. The permanent PM now looks after day to day project operations and is using the interim for specific input to the Communications Plan and budget building.