Enabling Greater Success

Benefits of Using an Interim

The downturn has thrown up new and difficult challenges for organisations, many of whom don't have the skills or resources in-house to deal with them

  • Sometimes it takes an external perspective to help an organisation identify where they are going wrong or what opportunities are available to them
  • Interims hit the ground running in a 'hands on' manner, taking responsibility for making and implementing proposals
  • Interim costs are totally transparent (and temporary), with no holiday, pension or sick pay and no additional perks
  • An interim manager can focus totally on the task in hand, without becoming drawn into office politics or getting overrun with internal communications

Typical challenges where using an interim can be of benefit:

Project managing the development of new work areas or business processes with input from internal teams, without taking precious resources away from day to day operations

  • Immediately filling a vital role to give the client time and space to find the right permanent candidate
  • Providing a dedicated resource to manage change programmes positively, identifying options, solutions and resources required to gain effective engagement from their staff to aid transition
  • Helping clients to identify potential efficiencies and improvements in their business systems and under-used resources and talent within the organisation.

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