Testimonials from our customers

"Angela was the lead project manager at CAFCASS on a key government project that was one of the 5 projects that two successive Prime Ministers listed on their delivery paths.  

I was impressed with Angela's ability to work under pressure/deliver targets within a very short time, and also her overall contribution to both CAFCASS and the Department for Children Schools and Families (DCSF). Her ability to work through the details of the policy and project management requirements whilst also keeping in mind the strategic overview and direction of the whole project gained her well deserved respect. In fact, Angela's skills ensured that a negative decision on DCSF funding CAFCASS' project was quickly turned into a positive, both impressing not only team members in the department but also colleagues more widely within the DCSF. 

On a personal note, Angela was a very pleasant person to work with and her friendly and conscientious attitude always ensured that she made and maintained good working relationships - even with the most difficult of people (both internal and external). I believe that Angela would be a welcome asset to any organisation and would not hesitate in working with her again."  Allen Austin-Bishop, ContactPoint Implementation Manager, DCSF

"Angela was able to step in at short notice and provide interim management of a complex and sensitive initiative in Children's Services. She worked well with colleagues across the organisation and delivered to tight timescales. I would not hesitate to use Angela's services again."  Paul Whiteman, Service Manager London Borough of Merton

"Angela used to work for Cafcass as Business manager in the West Midlands, where she was well known for high standards of work. Following a career break, I heard she was back in the UK at the same time as we needed a project manager for ContactPoint, and was delighted to be able to secure her services. She worked for me as ContactPoint project manager for the year up to August 2008. 

ContactPoint is the government project to put the names of all children on a unified database, so that professionals working with any child can immediately see who else is working with the same family. The challenges of getting this project up and running were formidable for our agency: it required close working together between government and Cafcass; and internally between IT staff; social workers; senior managers; lawyers; management information staff; trainers; communications; and governance. None of these have a track record of easy joint working. A further complication was that the developments all had to comply with very tight timescales set by Government.

Angela picked up all these threads and hit the ground running. She managed to create a project which moved forward with purpose and positivity. She used emotional intelligence to oil the wheels of inter-personal relationships, and her sound business administration skills to keep the whole project on track. I would be happy to provide a more formal reference if required."  Elizabeth Hall, Head of Safeguarding, Cafcass.